Buck-Boost Wrangling: Part III – Success!


IMG_0570     IMG_0573

Same setup, nothing different, except… the protoboard.  Had I not decided to switch boards (the one I was working with was too heavy to be convenient), I would have never known.  I am frustrated because I essentially burned a week unnecessarily traveling down a rabbit hole.  But, it works.

Before, I was incredibly concerned because I had seen a comment in one of the DIY articles that mentioned the USB’s data pins had to be engaged, which I found strange.  Good thing it was a non-issue.

MAKE excerpt

… also it won’t charge an iphone unless you have the correct voltage ref on the data lines…. other USB devices like Apple products also need correct voltage ref on data pins

Next steps for now till Friday: Integrating the mechanical and electrical systems.  Karen, Allieberry, and Shakeena will be presenting at ISTE 2015 (International Society for Technology in Education).  We’ve got quite a bit of work to do.  Just on the EE side, I have to install the buck-boost, solder and heat-shrink all the joints, and test.  However, all this is on pause until Lindsey prints all the parts for me to install the EE system onto, which will happen at some point tomorrow.

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